If you continue to Procrastinate, you continue to destroy your future. Awareness is freedom.

Procrastination is the act of postponing actions, doing other things rather than what’s needed to be done and putting the needful for later. Procrastination is common among humans, it’s not same as laziness. Procrastination is an active process.

Procrastination proofs so powerful that even the prudent, punctual, decent or most well-organized persons find themselves falling victims to it at certain point or the other, hence there’s so many things around us today which provide ample of distractions in disguise for fun and entertainment.

One can barely accomplish a tasks at the right time when he/she keep turning his/her attention to the film or wrestling match showing on the television Or keep viewing friends’ Facebook and WhatsApp status updates etc. or watching videos on YouTube or Vimeo and so on.

Procrastination is the reason why it seems very difficult for most of us (humans) to be able to manage “time” perfectly or make right decisions at right times and follow it up; we can delay, avoid or try to ignore actions, to complete certain tasks or incorporate initiatives.


Irrespective of the sobbing effects of procrastination, 95% of us still find ourselves procrastinate most times which if we can realize how much this habit affect our growth and well-being we observe that it’s so detrimental and sober.

Effects of Procrastination

Procrastination may mean avoiding responsibilities or total withdrawal from crucial decisions as a result of the ignorance and what is the real essence of a person without responsibilities, I mean what would be the value of such a person?

Procrastination pushes us to avoid risks, in fact it is the grand parent of failures, frustration, shame, counter-productivity, inadequacy, insecurity, anxiety, depression, fear etc. It can affect our mental health and instigate negative feelings. Effects of procrastination is really unfathomable.

12 Tips to overcome procrastination

Have you become or trying to become a chronic procrastinators? Never try this at home or anywhere else because it can cripple every good things about your future and the future is now as tomorrow may never come:

    • Awareness is the key, you know how well you manage your time, blame yourself for your failure, feel the consequences of procrastination and get encouraged, and sit up from where you’re.
    • Organize your routines and follow up schedules without listening to the excuses you whisper to yourself, rather incorporate the now habit
    • Set the goals you aim to achieve and focus on them until you achieve them
    • Simplify your tasks to make them more bearable (fun) and realistic/achievable
    • Prioritize; to commence with tasks demanding urgent attention
    • Take a break to reduce stress and sharpen your focus
    • Call for support for bigger tasks needed to be accomplished in limited time
    • Avoid that notion of perfectionism, don’t wait for all tools or perfect time to proceed, done is better than perfect, also better time may never come.
    • Get rid of distractions (no matter any reason)
    • Catastrophic, in reality, hard work, being active or dealing with your challenges whatever the case may be …never kill anyone or even got them ill, so be active abs up and doing
    • Try to make the recompense of your actions more immediate, congratulate and reward yourself for good works just completed
    • Start with anything at your reach, at anywhere, by anytime, wait no more


    To overcome procrastination you just need to be aware of its presence in your life first, only the awareness is a huge step towards solving procrastination hence most of us have got no tangible reasons to procrastinate.

    Naturally, the urge (to procrastinate), deviating from doing the most crucial tasks on time can be strong, The best thing you do is to devote the periods of time during which you put off all distractions including music, television, social networks etc. to focus all your attention on the crucial task(s); with this you’re improving in your time management, a very effective way to defeat the monster called procrastination.

    For instance if you ask a student why he/she couldn’t get his/her take home assignments completed they’d rather become confused on what reasons to render.

    Just knowing there are no reasons to procrastinate can help you commence solving it until you master your habitual improvements and be free finally from procrastination.