How to Make Money with Google AdSense in Nigeria

Google Adsense, a contextual advertising network, caters to web publishers seeking to monetize their content. This means Google shows advertisements in a way that is very relevant to your audience on your YouTube video, blog postings, news portal, or other types of online publications.

An effective way for advertisers to reach their target audience is provided by Google’s advertising platform, Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords). Google utilizes the Google Adsense program to distribute some of its extensive portfolio of display adverts.

Google has grown into the industry giant of Internet advertising through the years-long purchase of rival ad businesses. One method of earning money online through Google AdSense in Nigeria remains quite lucrative.


The monetized content could be in the form of:

Text: news websites, blogs, or any other website that publishes useful content regularly
Video: as published on YouTube, another Google property

How do I sign-up for Google Adsense?

Setting up your material sources, such as a blog or YouTube channel, would be the first step. About how to start a blog, we have written a lot. Consider reading it to learn more.

Once your news website or blog is launched, it needs to start gaining significant readership. To attract relevant traffic, you must regularly post original, high-quality content. To be eligible for Google Adsense, a website must have been online for at least six months.

You need a Google Account in other to participate in Adsense.

You can register for Adsense and apply to have your website reviewed if your website meets the requirements and gains some traction. Once it is approved, you will have access to the control panel, enabling you to copy and paste the ad codes onto your website.

The same idea also holds for your YouTube channel. To be eligible to have Adsense activated for your videos, you must have published some informative films and amassed a sizable number of subscribers.

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How do I advertise?

Google offers extensive guides on how to do this. It gets easier if you are publishing on any of these platforms:

Hosted WordPress: You would require a WordPress theme if you signed up with and hosted your blog using WordPress with a website provider like Web4Africa. Some WordPress themes are designed to simplify the inclusion of ad codes, making it easy. They are specifically crafted to be user-friendly in that aspect. For detailed instructions, go to the handbook included with your WordPress theme.

Blogspot / Blogger: Since Google owns this platform, it is difficult to incorporate the codes necessary for advertisements to show.

When you are eligible and specifically opt-in to the program, advertising on YouTube videos starts to appear automatically. Google provides you considerable discretion over how often advertisements appear.


How do I make money from Adsense?

It is impossible to overstate the value of excellent content. To draw and keep a good audience, you must provide quality content. You stand a better chance of making more money the more readers/followers you have.

You must publish quality material and maintain a following if you want to earn a solid living from Google Adsense.

To monetize your website, you can utilize a variety of Google Adsense ad formats. They are available in various ad sizes and ad units. Either plain text or rich media advertising is what they are. The latter can include audio, video, or other types of material to promote user involvement with the website.

The ads’ earning models are mainly divided into:

Cost per click (CPC) ads: the website owner earns on legitimate clicks when a website visitor clicks on the ads.

Cost per thousand visits (CPV) ads: these advertisements are paid according to the number of people who visit the website.

You can manage the placements of the ads on your website to make the most of your earning potential. Place the advertising where readers are likely to see them but avoid bothering or overpowering them. Ensure that your viewers have an excellent user experience. Furthermore, Google puts a cap on how many ads you may have on a single page.

YouTube ad placements are more automated and don’t require any technological expertise from you. However, you must concentrate on publishing top-notch material that generates a lot of interaction (likes and comments) and a rise in subscribers.

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How do I get paid in Nigeria?

Earn money in NigeriaPublishers all over the world have a variety of payment possibilities through Google Adsense. Once your earnings have met the requirements for withdrawal, you can receive payment in Nigeria via any of the following methods.

Cheque: this slow, unrecommended procedure. The delivery of the check may take a while, and there is a significant chance that it could go missing in transit. When your bank delivers it, it can take a while to clear, take a large commission, and transfer the money into your account.

International wire transfers: These are far more dependable than domestic ones. Receiving money through this method is quick and secure.
Once you make your first $100, you will get paid. Subsequently, you will receive compensation each month as your earnings approach and surpass $100.


How much does Google Adsense pay per click in Nigeria?



There is no definite answer to this. The amount paid would be varied by factors including:

  • The volume and quality of traffic to the website
  • Age of the website
  • The topic of the website; some keywords attract much higher values per click. Financial and technical topics would attract higher value than gossip, for example.


Can I buy a Google Adsense account in Nigeria?

You could but buying Google AdSense in Nigeria is against Adsense’s terms of service and you risk losing the account and every unpaid earnings to an account suspension.



Google is extremely stringent about upholding the credibility of its advertising network. When it comes to upholding their Adsense terms and conditions, they are unyielding. For them, trust equals money. If you, as the website owner, try to save money, you will eventually face exposure. Adsense may withhold your revenues and suspend your account indefinitely.

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