How to Earn Money on Amazon without Selling

Selling products on the e-commerce platform is the most typical strategy used by merchants when considering Amazon as a potential online business partner.
Given that the world’s largest retailer has demonstrated fast expansion, with smooth operations, cutting-edge experiences, and a growing presence across the nation, it is unquestionably a highly lucrative business idea. One can easily make money on Amazon without little investment.

However, there are a few other intriguing methods to make money with the e-commerce behemoth without selling on Amazon.

This post will assist you in understanding the chances that one of the largest online earning platforms has to offer if you’ve been wondering how to earn money on Amazon without selling.

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How to earn money from Amazon without investment

1. Amazon Associates

An affiliate program called Amazon Associates is ideally suited for content producers like bloggers and publishers who run websites or apps and receive a lot of traffic. They can efficiently monetize the traffic thanks to the program.
You can promote the hundreds of items featured on Amazon’s e-commerce site using personalized links that you can build.

You get paid a set commission each time a user uses this unique tracking link to make a purchase. Each product category has different fees, but thanks to Amazon’s strong conversion rates, which maximize profits, the fees can reach 10%.

Key features of Amazon Associates:

  • The quick and easy onboarding process
  • Make money online without investment
  • Can operate from any geographical location

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you want to make money in your spare time, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a great choice. The task requires human intervention and is quite straightforward, for which the corporation compensates.

Even though Amazon uses technology extensively for many of its jobs, some still require accuracy and can be completed more quickly by people. You can commit to a few hours per day and still manage to work from home and make money.


The types of tasks include:

  • Image/video processing
  • Tag objects to improve search
  • Assist companies select pictures that best represent a product
  • Moderate content by auditing user-uploaded images/videos
  • Classify objects found in satellite imagery
  • Information gathering
  • Answer questions about a topic
  • Fill in market research or survey data on different topics
  • Write website content
  • Find specific fields or data elements in legal/government documents
  • Data verification and clean-up
  • Remove duplicate content from listings
  • Identify incomplete product listings
  • Convert unstructured data into clear addresses
  • Data processing
  • Edit/transcribe audio content
  • Translate content
  • Rate the search results’ accuracy
  • Categorise information by following the instructions

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3. Kindle Direct Publishing

If you have a knack for writing, Kindle Direct Publishing enables you to directly access Amazon’s millions of readers by self-publishing eBooks and paperbacks in several languages.

Your book will be available in Kindle retailers throughout the world in 24 to 48 hours with Kindle direct publishing, which is completely free.

Key features of Kindle Direct Publishing:

Increased earnings: Amazon provides customers in many countries with a 70% royalty on sales. To increase their earnings through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, authors can also sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing Select.

Better Control: Authors have complete control over the pricing and editing of their works.

Multiple forms are available for writers to publish their work in, including print (paperbacks) and digital (ebooks).

It’s vital to remember that, in contrast to other publishing firms, Amazon’s publisher services do not assist with publicizing, therefore you will need to manage the advertising and marketing on your own.

4. Amazon Influencer

A more sophisticated version of the affiliate program, Amazon Influencer, allows influencers to monetize their social media channels by promoting and advertising Amazon products.

The business gives people the resources they need to do it more effectively, and in some cases, it even lists those resources on the Amazon website. When an influencer is successful in facilitating a purchase, they receive a commission.
Creators can broadcast their live streams and other shoppable images and videos on the e-commerce platform by curating their profile and setting up a storefront through the Amazon Influencer program.

You must sign up for an Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube account. Before approving an influencer for the program, Amazon verifies the fan following and engagement data.


How to generate income from Amazon (while selling)

Amazon has a few programs keeping in mind India-specific businesses. Here’s a quick look at them.

1. Amazon Karigar

By assisting artists to sell directly on the site, it seeks to promote the nation’s handicrafts legacy.

To assist the artists in successfully displaying their goods, Amazon provides a reduced referral fee, marketing support, individualized training, and other help.

2. Local shops on Amazon

Owners of real businesses can register their establishments online with Local Shops on Amazon to connect with local customers.

Because of the Prime Badge, local customers can find things on Amazon more quickly.

3. Amazon Easy

Through the Amazon Easy program, business owners can help customers who are new to online shopping.

You receive sample products to aid customers and can profit from each order. Delivering orders brings in more revenue.



The chances on Amazon provide first-hand knowledge of the digital and e-commerce sector in addition to helping with additional revenue.

These new services provided by Amazon are also a window into how the company expands its reach through innovative projects, a tactic that can inspire every entrepreneur to increase the awareness of their brand.

The collaborative options offered by Amazon are a fantastic approach to developing your brand and company.


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