How to Add Music and Soundtrack to Video on iPhone Free

On your iPhone, it’s simple to record a movie and combine photographs to make a video. However, if you want to know how to add music to a video on an iPhone, you must use a video editing program that is practical for short modifications that you can make on the go and doesn’t have to wait to edit at home.

Using any of the six distinct apps described below, we’ll demonstrate how to add music and voice-overs to an iPhone video in this post.
1. Filmr
2. Clips
3. Photos
4. Quick – GoPro
5. Adobe Premiere Rush for Video
6. InShot

And as a bonus, we will also share how you can edit videos professionally from anywhere using InVideo’s online editor.

1. How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone Using Filmr

The vast music library of Filmr, the first watermark-free video editing program, has over 20 million tracks. Follow these simple steps to add background music to your video clip on Filmr:

1. Download the free Filmr app on your phone

2.  Tap on the camera roll

3.  Import the video you want to add music to

4. Once imported, tap the music icon next to the video on the top left.

5.  Choose music to go to the music library or click on files to pick music from your existing files.

6.  If you’re in the music library, tap on an audio track to listen to it and if it works for you, add it to your video.

7. The green layer below your clip is your audio file. You can change the duration of the music by simply trimming it.

8.  More songs or sound effects from a second audio clip might add sound variation. Apply the same steps as before. Toggle between the music videos to switch between them. Even the precise duration can be changed to fit the video.

Add Music to Video on iPhone

9. : If you have a subscription to Epidemic Sound, you can add their inbuilt collection of music tracks to your Filmr timeline. You can access these via Mood to go with your video.

10.  If you want to add a voice-over, hover over the top icons next to the music and video. Click on voice-over and press the record button to record.

Add Music to Video on iPhone

11. Once ready, go ahead and directly share your video to any of the social media platforms or save it to the gallery.

Quick and easy right? Download Filmr now and get started for free.

2. Use Clips To Add Music To Your iPhone Videos

Clips is an additional free iPhone software you may use to edit films and add music to them. Using Clips, you can instantly capture a video or edit one that has already been saved to your camera roll or library. If your main intention is to add background music to your film for enjoyment, the program is easy to learn and use.

Clips might not be the greatest option if you’re working on anything more important, like creating a music video, highlight video, or time-lapse film.
Here is how to add music to a video on iPhone using Apple’s Clips:

1. Open the Clips app from your phone’s home screen

2. Click on the (+) icon to create a new project

Add Music to Video on iPhone
3. Pick a Library to import the video you want to add music to

Add Music to Video on iPhone
4. Tap the music icon in the upper left corner of your screen

5. Choose My Music or Soundtrack

Add Music to Video on iPhone
6. Pick the audio file you want to add to your video

7. Tap the go back arrow in the top left corner

Add Music to Video on iPhone

8. Preview your video with the music you added

9. Select Done when you are satisfied

By going through the first three steps again and picking a different audio file or tapping None, you may always modify the track you added to your clip.

Apple has a few interesting options when it comes to the music it provides in the Soundtracks area. The tracks are divided by genres and moods, and they consist of:
– Pop
– Playful
– Chill
– Sentimental
– Retro
– Action
– Holidays & Events

You cannot change the audio file that you have included in your video using the Clips app, which is a significant negative. The soundtrack will automatically be shortened to fit the length of the clip. You will need to modify the music file separately if you want to choose a specific section of the track to include in your video.


3. Can I Add Music To My iPhone Videos With the Photos App?

You can use the trusted Photos app on your iPhone to add music to your films, even though it probably never occurred to you to do so. Utilizing the app’s Memories feature is the trick.

The software creates Memories collections depending on the locations or times at which you took the photographs and videos. Even the individuals and animals that were seen in the film can be categorized in the Photos app. Photos, for instance, can help you create the memories listed below:
– Year in Review—a collection of pictures and videos taken in one calendar year
– Four-Legged Friends—footage of your pet
– Lancaster—anything you have shot while in Lancaster

The titles above are just examples. The app can generate different titles for the Memories collections.

While you can edit or add to an existing Memory clip’s title, music, title image, and other material, you can also create your Memory. If you merely want to add music to a video, this can be more time-consuming than using an editing program, but we’ve outlined the procedures you must do below.

To add music to an existing Memory:

1. Go to the Photos app on your home screen

2. Tap For You

Add Music to Video on iPhone
3. Pick the Memory you want to add music to

4. Change the custom tune by replacing it with other options from Apple’s library (or tap Edit to add your music)

Add Music to Video on iPhone
5. Select Music if you selected the Edit feature

6. Scroll down to tap Your Library

Add Music to Video on iPhone
7. Select the plus (+) icon next to the song you want to add

8. Tap the go-back arrow

Add Music to Video on iPhone
9. Select Done when you’re satisfied

Depending on your iPhone version, the Photos app will let you pick from the following genres:
– Jazz
– Classical
– Dance
– Pop
– Electronic

To create your Memory in the Photos app and add music to it:

1. Select the Albums option or the Months or Days option in the Photos app

Add Music to Video on iPhone
2. Select the album you want to make a Memory out of

3. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner

Add Music to Video on iPhone
4. Choose Play Memory Movie

5. Tap Edit to add music to your Memory clip

Add Music to Video on iPhone

The Photos app has many features that may get confusing, not making it the best choice for making edits, especially if you only want to add music to your clip.


4. Editing Videos With Quick – GoPro

Looking for a quick way to add music to an iPhone video? On iOS, the free Quik app allows you to edit your films. On Android, you can also use it to edit videos.
Although the app doesn’t have any cutting-edge video editing features, its straightforward functionality, including cropping, rotating, and adding background music, performs satisfactorily.

The program offers royalty-free hundreds of tracks, or you can add a song from your iTunes library. Here’s how to do it:

1. Download the Quik app from the App Store

2. Launch the app and import the video you want to add music to

3. Tap the music icon at the bottom of the screen

Add Music to Video on iPhone
4. Add the music file you want to include in your video from your library or choose from Quik’s library

While you can’t do professional-level editing with Quik, the app is a great solution for video editing beginners.

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5. Add Music to Your Video With Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video, which has a rating of 4.6 stars, is another excellent video editing program that can be used on both computers and mobile devices. It does not have a free version that you may use indefinitely, unlike GoPro.

You can download the app for a free trial and experiment with it to determine if it’s worthwhile to subscribe to one of its paying plans if you want to learn how to add music to an iPhone film.

Here’s how you can spice up your video with background music in Adobe Premiere Rush:
1. Download the Adobe Premiere Rush for Video from the App Store
2. Tap the plus (+) icon to add media (it’s located at the bottom of the screen)

Add Music to Video on iPhone
3. Click on the files you want to select and tap on Create (at the bottom right) to add all your files to the editor.

4. Add your music file from your library or choose one of Adobe’s featured tunes. You can also record a voice-over directly in the app.

5. Select the song you want to add and then click on the Add button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Add Music to Video on iPhone
6. You can now adjust the music track to your video and add effects to it using other features of this editor.

If you like the app enough to want to continue using it after the free trial ends, you can start any of their premium plans.


6. How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone Using InShot App

One of the greatest free video editing programs is InShot if you don’t want to spend money on video editing. On any device and operating system, InShot is a respectable, user-friendly editing tool.

Here’s how to add music to a video on iPhone using the InShot app:
1. Download the app to your iPhone device
2. Tap the Video option under Create Now on the app’s home screen

3. Allow access to your library

Add Music to Video on iPhone
4. Tap the Music option

5. Choose Tracks

Add Music to Video on iPhone
6. Select iTunes

7. Tap the music file you want to add to your video

8. Tap Use

Add Music to Video on iPhone
9. Edit the added music in the timeline to fit your video

When you press the Music option on your project’s timeline and peruse the featured soundtrack options, you can also record a voice-over.
You can easily learn how to edit videos using InShot because of its user-friendly UI. However, if you have some experience with intermediate video editing, InShot could be too basic for you. Users and influencers on social media are the app’s main target audience.

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BONUS: Ready To Take Your Videos to the Next Level? Use InVideo

Sometimes it may seem like making the best of a bad situation to edit a video on your phone while in haste to submit it to your website or social media platform. You might never be able to produce polished videos that leave your audience in amazement if you continue to edit videos on your phone.

You can use the video editing platform in your browser without downloading any additional software. Our user-friendly editing software makes editing enjoyable and simple to grasp while assisting you in producing top-notch video material.
With InVideo, you can create breathtaking videos in minutes:

– Over 5000+ ready-to-use customizable templates for any use case so you don’t have to start from scratch

– Access to 8M+ stock footage, images, royalty-free music, stickers, etc that you can add to your video to make it more engaging

– Has a simple drag-and-drop functionality to save you time while also providing a feature-rich editing tool

– Has an Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA) to provide suggestions while you are editing your project

To help you see how easy and innovative video editing is when you are doing it in InVideo, let’s take a look at how you can add music to your clip:

1. Create a free account on InVideo

Add Music to Video on iPhone
2. Choose the Blank Template option

3. Upload your video clip

Add Music to Video on iPhone
4. Click on the Music option

5. Select Add Music to upload your music or browse through InVideo’s countless royalty-free music choices

Add Music to Video on iPhone
6. Edit your music in the timeline

7. Once you are done, you can export your video in 720p or 1080px  resolution.

Add Music to Video on iPhone


We’ve provided you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to use 8 different applications on the iPhone to add music to a movie. You also understand how to use InVideo, which will allow you to quickly produce high-quality videos. What are you still holding out for? Start right away producing beautiful videos for your website and social media!

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