Google Lime Scholarship Awards for Students with Disabilities | 2023

Every child, regardless of disability, has the right to a proper education. As a result, Google Lime Scholarships Awards are now available for interested students who fulfill the Scholarship conditions. The educational program is open for the academic year, and any student who falls into the specified group is entitled to apply.


About the Google Lime Scholarship Awards for Disabled Students

Google’s education and scholarship initiatives seek to inspire and assist students in becoming future leaders in computers and technology by removing obstacles to entry. As part of our commitment, we’ve worked with Lime Connect, a nonprofit organization that assists students with disabilities in pursuing education and promising jobs, to assist university students with disabilities in achieving their academic goals in computer science. Selected students will receive USD 10,000 (for students studying in the United States) or CAD 5,000 (for students studying in Canada) for the academic year.

Google Lime Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply:

  • Have a visible or invisible handicap, or believe they have (see Lime Connect’s approach to disability here)
  • For the academic year, you must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at a university.
  • Plan to attend a university in the United States or Canada full-time during the academic year.
  • Maintain a high level of academic performance
  • Be studying computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical discipline.
  • Exhibit leadership qualities and a strong interest in computer science and technology.

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Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship Grants 2023/2024

Applications for the Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship Grants are currently being accepted from eligible and interested women. The educational opportunity is only available to women and is valid for the academic year 2021/2022.

Google PhD Scholarship

Microsoft understands the importance of diversity in computing. By offering a research funding opportunity for doctorate candidates who are underrepresented in the field of computing, the Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant strives to enhance the pipeline of diverse talent earning advanced degrees in computer-related subjects. This includes women, African Americans, Blacks, Hispanics, Latinxs, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, LGBTQI+ people, and/or people with disabilities.


   Program Eligibility

The purpose of Microsoft is to enable every individual and organization on the earth to accomplish more. Grantees should support this aim and seize chances to promote diverse and inclusive cultures in their communities. The following are the eligibility criteria:

  • Ph.D. students must be enrolled in an American or Canadian university.

Note: The proposed application must be closely connected to the broad research fields conducted by Microsoft researchers, as mentioned in the Our Research page above.

  • Students must be in their fourth or later year of a Ph.D. program as of the submission deadline of March 22, 2021.
  • Students must have begun their Ph.D. program in September 2017 or earlier to be considered in their fourth year, taking into account transfers.

The students must self-identify as a woman, African American, Black, Hispanic, Latinx, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, LGBTQI+, and/or someone with a disability when applying for this funding.

Ph.D. students must remain enrolled at the university in the autumn of 2021 or risk losing the grant. Extending grants is not possible. We will accommodate you if you need time away for family or medical reasons.

Visit: Microsoft Research Grants 

The reward will be paid directly to the institution and distributed by the university’s procedures. If the student no longer qualifies for financing (for example, if the student drops out of the program, graduates, or transfers to a new university), Microsoft will have discretion over how any leftover funds are utilized.

The funding is only available for use during the recipient’s time in the Ph.D. program; it cannot be used to assist the recipient in a job after graduation, such as a postdoc or teaching position. Applicants must confirm their Ph.D. program’s start month and year, as well as their estimated graduation month and year, to be considered for this scholarship.

A Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant winner who is subjected to disciplinary actions for improper behavior, such as but not limited to discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), or plagiarism, will lose their funding.

You may be qualified for alternative Academic Programs if you do not match the above criteria.

Application procedures

How to Apply: Candidates must apply through the official website and provide all essential documentation for their applications to be accepted. All prospective students are encouraged to apply on time and to stay informed. Women will be given priority.

Visit here: Google Lime Scholarship for more information.




Orange Scholarship

The Netherlands Government’s Orange Knowledge Program is now accepting overseas students to study master’s degree programs or short courses in the Netherlands for the academic years 2023-2024. The Orange Knowledge Program aims to enhance the development of people’s abilities, knowledge, and performance in higher education and vocational education, as well as in other areas related to the program nations’ major issues.

On July 1, 2017, the Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) started a new phase as a new program known as the Orange Knowledge Program (OKP). The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs established and completely funds OKP.

Closing date: 

March 24th / June 30th / October 13th, 2023


Several Institutes in the Netherlands

Level of Study:

Masters / Short Courses

Study in:


Courses Available:

  • Studyfinder lists all courses that are eligible for an Orange Knowledge Program scholarship during this application cycle.

Note: Each nation has certain priority areas that are considered when scholarship applications are chosen and analyzed.

Applications that fall into the target areas for a certain nation are prioritized: Orange Knowledge Program is a country-focused publication.

Program Timeline:

  • Short-term courses (from two weeks to twelve months).
  • Master’s programmers (12 to 24 months)


Benefits Program of Orange Knowledge

The scholarships for the Orange Knowledge Program 2023 are completely funded.

Orange Knowledge Program Procedures

To be qualified for The Orange Knowledge Program 2023, the following criteria must be met:

Languages required: English

Countries Eligible:

The scholarship candidate is of the nationality of and lives and works in, one of the countries on the OKP Country List

Candidates for the Orange Knowledge Program work for one of the following national or local entities: ministries, secondary or higher vocational or academic education institutions, universities, the private sector, commissions, or non-governmental organizations.

Note: Orange Knowledge Program does not operate for any of the following organizations:

  • A bilateral or multilateral organization, a non-governmental organization that is internationally active and focused on promoting social interests such as development cooperation, mother nature, and environmental preservation, well-being, or human rights.
  • The scholarship applicant is a professional with at least 1 0r 2  years of relevant work experience, and (3) networks in a topic relevant to local growth.
  • Must have been in a position to what he or she has learned into practice.
  • The scholarship applicant possesses a legal identity document.
  • The scholarship candidate should have taken an academic course or program for which an OKP award was given.

If the local government requests it, the scholarship candidate has included a government statement with the scholarship application (see the document government statement requirement).

  • The scholarship applicant must show that the required co-funding percentage is available to pay for the study.
  • The scholarship candidate’s employer must support the application with a positive reference.

How to Participate in the Orange Knowledge Program

Please see the official website URL provided at the end. However, the following are critical stages to obtaining The Orange Knowledge Program 2023:

  • Look for a course or master’s program that qualifies for the award. You may locate the suitable courses on studyfinder by entering the following search criteria: ‘OKP qualified: Yes,’ says the computer.
  • For further information on the course material, contact the Dutch higher education institution that is offering it.
  • the scholarship program application deadline (which varies for each Dutch university).
  • the scholarship application and selection procedures.
  • the online application form and the relevant application documents and materials.
  • Prepare your application and accompanying papers.


Upload the following files with your application:

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Your employer’s most recent statement, subject to your country of work.
  • A government announcement.
  • Submit your online application to the Dutch program’s host institution.

For more information about the Orange Knowledge Program 2023, please visit the Official Website: Orange Knowledge Programme


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