To reduce calories intake does not mean to reduce the food portions or the quantity of meals

We’ve got to understand clearly that consuming less calories doesn’t really mean you eat less or little quantity of meals. It simply means eating more of healthy foods, it means making healthier choices; consuming more of foods that contain less load calories in them, foods like seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains low fat dairy, name them… More of natural than artificial or highly processed foods.

In weight management everything is possible if you know the do’s and don’ts

Almost 97% of overweight people and others who struggled to lose weight or burn excess body fat have given up trying because it seems impossible for them to achieve their target but, do you know that tracing the very origin of your failure in your struggle for fitness or weight loss may be only ‘not eating the right foods’ required by your system to function properly. For instance eating too much of animal fat can be dangerous in weight management as they’re dense in calories.

Mind what you eat and at what time you do

If you over-weigh or need to drop some extra pounds of body weight to attain your desired (a healthy) weight level, knowing and eating the right foods and drinks in suitable periods will definitely help you achieve your goal in no distant time. Hence eating the proper foods and drinks is very essential for weight management, mental and overall physical health in general.

Only be conscious and don’t starve

Should you focus on being conscious of the amount of calories you guzzle on daily basis, also following up some other common strategies for discharging the excess than normal or simply choose to be living mainly on foods and drinks containing low calories I assure you that you’ll never starve or eat less quantity than usual, You’ll be more active and will develop an incredible amount of energy every day especially if you add up exercise.

Start working on your body today, start now and not to wait until you have health related issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity… which only makes your health situation more complicated and may be difficult to fix when finally down.


PILLS for weight management is not for life long fix, it only keeps your innards in check so you don’t die. Pills is a temporary fix if at all it does. The only ultimate fix is to reduce caloric intake than you burn which doesn’t mean reducing the quantity of your meals entirely but reducing the caloric dense stuff and be mindful of such, engage in physical body workout when you have to, then lose your extra fat naturally for your healthy living.

NOTE: Not only the people who look big in physical appearance that have excess fat in their bodies, people who look slim have more fat than you can think of.

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