Why Later? “Later” turns “Never”, Do it now

Not later, …Most times later turns never, not in the evening, not in the morning, do it now. “Use the now button at the right time”. All things which are common and simple to do may not be easily done if one have got this later omen “procrastination”; Do it now.

Do not ignore the simple things you can do now because they all form the basis for greater opportunities and steps to your living glory. Do that which you’ve been saying later, tomorrow, Monday, Sunday, Tuesday do it now why delay? Sometimes later turns never, delay turns denial because everything have time and season, do it now

If you can change then everything about you will change as well

Perhaps you’ve planned adopting new healthy habits (30 minutes of exercise trice in the week) Or have written down some projects to be executed since the New Year but keep posting it to tomorrow/next week/whenever…; here’s the good news, change that mindset and observe a rocket power in your health and over all development.

Goodbye to procrastination, imaginations, or continuous planning with limited or no actions, would you adjust in your past “delay” habits? Then everything around you will definitely change for good. Start by changing your mind, change to a positive mindset.

follow this link to read how to develop a positive mindset>>> https://rexpays.com/the-mind

Do the right things at the right time

Do it now if this time is not affecting anything or anyone hence it’s important …do it now at the right time because when the time/season is past then you’re doing the right thing at the wrong time which turns everything wrong automatically, do it now when it’s time.

“Do it now, do it now
While the vision is clear
Do it now
While the feeling is here
If you leave it too late
It could all disappear
Do it now
While your vision is clear

Do-do-do” …Paul McCartney

“Good things come to those who wait…

greater things come to those who get off their ass and do the necessary things to make them happen.”–

Get up so you can turn the stone, it can’t turn itself; make it happen now, Do it now, be the person that makes things happen rather than the person that things happen to!

“Life is short… live it to your fullest.

Love is rare… grab it before it cold.

Anger is bad… dump it earlier.

Fear is awful… face it whenever.

Memories are sweet… cherish them always.

…”Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.” -Doug Ivester,

”It is never too late to be what you might have been.” -George Eliot,

Only learn to do it, do it now, Do it Now




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