Calories deficit for successful and sustainable weight loss.

It is quite easier to drop 500 kcal [calories] from your meals in a day than to burn 500 kcal daily through exercise, hence you may not have the time, energy, or motivation to exercise daily.

Calorie deficit may be very easy if you know your way; only minimize or eliminating calorie dense stuff in your meals, also limit or avoid added sugar and calorie dense drinks like energy drinks, soda etc.

Actually exercises don’t burn calories as much as most people believe. However,

Experts noted that the easiest and safest technique for successful and sustainable weight loss is by simply creating a calorie deficit (500 kcal fewer/day), that’s consuming less calories than your body need to sustain your current body mass.

The pivot of weight loss as we all know is “calories”.

You can strategically drop hundreds of your daily calorie intake simply by reducing or eliminating your daily intake of sugary beverages like soda, some fruit juices, and some specialty coffee drinks, too much sugar is really bad for your health.

FYI a single 16-ounce (475-ml) bottle of Coke contains almost 200 calories and about 44 grams of sugar. The weird part of it all is that these beverages never provide fullness and in excess, they can lead to overweight, diabetes and heart disease. Some Alcoholic beverages may as well pack a significant measure of calories.

Tips to help you easily achieve calories deficit.

Limit highly processed foods=>

If your current diet is mostly comprised of highly processed food products, you need to gradually begin to replace them with minimally processed ones. For instance, swap sugary cereals with oatmeal topped with fruits, or swap chips with lightly salted almonds.


Minimally processed foods: These contains a great measure of vitamins, minerals, and fiber; also include foods like legumes, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and nuts.

The meals comprised of minimally processed foods would aid you cease overeating plus ensuring you get all nutrients your body requires for proper functionality (sure satisfaction).

Eat more of homemade foods=>

It is very well advisable that you prepare your meals at home as this will give you full control over the ingredients you use, plus you’ll dish your preferred portion size.

Consuming more of home cooked foods also is prone to giving you a better-balanced diet with quality satisfaction, an increased intake of fruits and vegetables, lower body fat levels, also reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Cooking at home can as well save you money.

Protein Up=>

Protein is a very essential element in our diets. Protein is required for the building and repair of cells, and in building and maintenance of healthy muscles, organs, glands, and the skin. Everyone needs protein in their meals daily.

It is observed that the meals containing high level of proteins can fill you up easily more than other nutrients and feeling full can stop you craving for more foods or overeating which may lead to obesity.

High intake of protein builds your muscle mass and strength also reduces muscle loss during weight loss. Eating more of proteins is another great step for a healthy weight loss and fitness.

Opt for lower-calorie alcoholic drinks=>

Most people tend to be more careful about what they consume during the week but on weekends they take all kinds of alcoholic beverages without considering their contents.

Many alcoholic drinks have high calorie content than you can imagine. Plump for clear alcoholic beverages with a low-calorie mixer over beer, wine, or a cocktail; doing so will sure aid you avoid excessive calories from drinks.

Read food labels=>

Reading the food labels helps you compare foods and be able to choose the ones that have the nutritional values you need. This would also help you and your family make better choices about the food items you buy.

You should as well check out for the serving sizes and number of calories contained as indicated on their labels so you may be aware how many calories you’re consuming.

Meanwhile, with the help of the food labels you’ll be able to identify foods higher in vitamins, fiber and protein.



Cutting 500 calories daily from your diet is effective for healthy and sustainable weight loss, make right choices of food and drinks and you’ll achieve calorie deficit of 500 Kcal daily with happiness without stress.