AAHPM International Physicians Scholarship Awards for Developing Countries

The International Physician Scholarship  (AAHPM ) Fund was established to offer physicians from poor and middle-income countries (as defined by the World Bank) access to excellent education in order for them to attend and participate in the Annual Assembly.

This scholarship program provides scholarship applicants with financial assistance (up to $5,000) to pay regular expenditures connected with attending the Annual Assembly registration and travel-related fees, such as flight, cab fare, meals, and housing. Scholarship winners will have access to the most recent clinical information and research updates in hospice and palliative care from prominent specialists in the field at the Annual Assembly.

Do you want to get engaged in global palliative care? Examine the list of organizations for further information.


AAHPM Eligibility

Scholarships are offered for physicians practicing hospice and palliative medicine and caring for very sick patients. Eligible physicians must permanently reside in World Bank-defined poor and middle-income countries. Scholarship recipients should apply learned skills to improve palliative care in their home countries. Preference is given to junior applicants with 2-10 years of experience in palliative care, including residents or fellows, from financially challenged organizations.

For more information, please visit AAHPM

Opportunities for Mentoring

Mentor Match was created by AAHPM to link members with mentors who can assist and guide them in their practice or answer professional issues while working in hospice and palliative care.

Mentor Match is an online networking and professional development tool that can assist you in finding and connecting with other program participants. You select the subject matter. The duration is entirely up to you. You decide how the partnership will function.

Here are a handful of the most popular mentoring themes, although there are many more.

Mentor Match Career Development Logo

Academic Progress

Leadership Work/Life Integration Research


AAHPM Leadership Training

AAHPM is dedicated to training and developing leaders at all stages of their careers, with the objective of not only enhancing their organizations but also increasing the hospice and palliative medicine specialization.

This resource supports hospice and palliative care practitioners in honing their nonclinical leadership skills.

Ignite AAHPM19 200x200AAHPM Ignite

On October 12, the AAHPM Ignite program was held virtually for the last time. The Ignite program provides hospice and palliative care team leaders with knowledge and recognition of their own leadership strengths and limits. Learn more about this introspective leadership program.

AAHPM Ascend

AAHPM Ascend is a live event designed for hospice and palliative care professionals BY hospice and palliative medicine experts that includes “deeper dives” into specialized growth issues and leadership abilities.

AAHPM19 Elevate 200x200AAHPM19 Elevate 200x200AAHPM19 Elevate 200x Elevate AAHPM Elevate is a collection of tools designed to assist hospice and palliative medicine practitioners at any level of leadership or expertise.

Apply Now: Full Grant List of Ongoing Scholarship- rexpays

Approved International Scholarship Aids at IOWA State University, 2022/2023

IOWA State University invites exceptional international students to apply for U.S. studies with financial assistance. The application period for the academic year 2022/2023 is now open.


An experience at Iowa State University is for those who desire to develop, share, and use knowledge to make the world better.

Learn from and work with prominent academics who are tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as feeding the poor, discovering alternative energy, and changing manufacturing.

Iowa State University is known across the globe for its expertise in science and technology, research, and invention, and is home to the world’s first electronic digital computer, tornado simulator, high-resolution virtual reality lab, and much more!

We are a large institution with a small-town atmosphere. While we are located in the heart of America, a degree from here may take you anywhere.

We feature six undergraduate colleges with over 100 majors, 125 graduate programs, and one of the greatest veterinary medicine schools in the country – all of which are tailored to help advance your career.

Our distinctive interdisciplinary approach to learning allows you to work with students from other universities. This strategy has been shown to improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication abilities. Everything that makes employers salivate.


IOWA State University Approved International Scholarship Aids, 2022/2023

Students can submit scholarship applications through Iowa State University’s OneApp scholarship site. OneApp data informs scholarship selection by multiple campus entities, including Student Financial Aid and academic departments. Also, qualified applicants are chosen from here.

Students can apply for scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year using OneApp, which launched on September 15. Deadlines will vary based on the scholarship or opportunity, therefore we recommend that students log in to OneApp early and frequently to ensure deadlines are fulfilled. Students can view and update their applications once they have been filed until the scholarship deadline. Scholarship selection committees will consider the information available in the system at the time of application evaluation (e.g., data from student records and/or information supplied on the General Application, Conditional Application, and any Recommended Opportunities).


How to Apply for an IOWA State University Scholarship

Before submitting an application, interested candidates should visit the office of admissions to begin the application process, thoroughly review the official website, and check for eligibility requirements.

Scholarship Advantages

Although there are multiple scholarships available for overseas students, candidates will get automatic scholarships depending on the various criteria considered by ISU. The Prizes Vary

The application deadline is: The deadline varies based on the scholarship program. Applicants are encouraged to apply on time.

Application link: IOWA State University Scholarship

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