10 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2023

Are you looking for products to sell online this year? Here, I’ll list out 10 high-demanding products you can sell online for extra cash. Ok, without wasting your time, let’s get to it.

 Products to Sell Online


1. Car Accessories

Computerized automotive accessories are growing in popularity among consumers as cars become more computerized. There are said to be one of the top demanding products to sell online.

See how your engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, and other information are displayed on the car projector in the photo above.
By letting drivers keep their eyes forward while it presents important information in front of them, this practical gadget helps reduce automobile accidents.

That’s not all, though. Consider any part or accessory for a car. They are in high demand by online retailers.

You will make a lot of money and attract clients from both domestic and foreign markets if you can sell any or all of these goods. Car Accessory Products:

Car mp3 player
Foot mat
Spare tires
Car key holders
Seat pillows
Car battery
Baby seats

2. Laptops and accessories

Having an online business that specializes in computers and computer accessories is a smart idea because there is an increasing need for these items daily.
from kids to adults, grandparents to parents, men to women, managers to employees, etc.

Nearly everyone requires a laptop.
Additionally, Nigerians are using the internet more frequently. The majority of these internet users access the internet on their laptops and PCs rather than mobile phones and other devices.

However, if you’re anything like me, you got hitched on your laptop years ago. You’ll come to understand that without a system, you have very little to no control.

What should you do next now that you know that selling laptops online is a smart business move?

You’ll need to choose your target market, pricing, preferred models, and whether you want to sell new or used laptops.

You also need to set up your e-commerce website after that is resolved.

Laptops and Gadget Products

Laptop case
Hard drive/ USB drive
Laptop charger
Game console
Laptop bag
Laptop desk
Screen guard
Additional hardware (mouse, keyboard, speaker, headset, etc)

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3. Phones and Phone Accessories

Mobile phones are yet another incredibly lucrative product to sell online, much like computers and other mobile gadgets.

In Nigeria, everyone—children, teenagers, adults, seniors, wealthy, impoverished, men, and women—likes the flashy lifestyle that comes with using a mobile phone, particularly if it’s an expensive one.

You can see from the image above that there have been over 40 million searches for mobile phone retailers in Nigeria.

This implies that you may be sure of making a lot of money when you set up your selling mobile phone business effectively.
Phone and Accessory Products
Screen guards
Memory cards
Power banks
Phone case
And many more.


4. Cosmetics

Do you begin to consider your preferred scent or lipstick after purchasing clothing? Yes, it comes as no surprise that the cosmetic and beauty industry is far too lucrative to ignore. And so it is a demanding products to sell online.

Nine out of ten girls are thought to use cosmetics at some point in their lives. Nigerian women are naturally young and attractive.

However, it is always beneficial to emphasize that inherent attractiveness. Women typically wouldn’t even leave the house without applying cosmetics.
However, some women or girls choose to maintain their natural appearance. Cosmetics are still important in both situations and are a successful internet product.


5. Hair Extensions

There was a lot of talk about cosmetics, but what about some creative hair products? Women in Nigeria enjoy playing around with their hair.

It can be styled in lovely Ghanaian braids, short, straight hair, or long, curly hair. Hair extensions, however, are the most recent fashion in the hair market.
Synthetic hair and hair extensions differ and come in various styles. So don’t think twice and give this company a shot!


6. Clothes and Fashion

Regarding fashion, shoes, and clothing are in high demand in Nigeria. The most used products that no one can do without
As you probably already know, Nigerians prefer to dress nicely for special occasions as well as to impress friends and relatives.

Parents enjoy buying clothes for their children regularly for special occasions like Christmas and the like, for parties, or even just to make them look good.

The same is true for individuals who enjoy dressing stylishly whether they are indoors or outdoors. Nobody, barring exceptional situations, can function without it.
There are several outfits for men, women, and kids. Clothes will continue to be in high demand as the fashion trend develops. Here is a list of clothing products to sell online.

Cloth and Fashion Products

Men’s clothes
Women’s clothes
Kid’s clothes
Denim (Jeans)
Office wear
Casual wears
And many more.


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7. Shoes

In Nigeria, shoes are equally as popular as clothing, and many shoe vendors profit greatly from either making or selling shoes.

Nigerians enjoy matching their shoes to their elaborate clothing.

Additionally, it would greatly improve your business acumen and income if you could manufacture or supply these shoes in various sizes and for various sexes in your shop or by delivery.

8. Television Set

The most prevalent household electronic device in every Nigerian home is probably a television.

The reality is that Nigerians adore watching entertainment programming at home, including sports, Nollywood films (even foreign films), news, and music.

Due to this tendency, buying televisions has become a fairly common activity for Nigerian parents and even single people who live alone.

TVs are not just for home usage, despite what some may claim. People can watch TV from their mobile devices and computers thanks to online TV, which has decreased the popularity of televisions.

TVs are present in numerous organizations, corporations, and even companies.

9. Funiture

Without some sort of furniture, there is no house, office, or room at all.
Furniture is available in a variety of sizes and for a variety of uses in homes, offices, and rooms, including chairs, tables, beds, boards, and sofas.

You would need to be a manufacturer, supplier, or both to launch an online furniture sales firm. You would also need to develop marketing plans that specifically target customers who are most likely to purchase your goods.

Furniture Products

Chairs (home or office)
Office desks
Doors (home or office)
Kitchen furniture
And many more.

10. Jewelry

Are you considering opening a jewelry store and wondering if it’s still profitable in Nigeria?

That’s a wise choice considering how long Nigeria’s jewelry industry has existed.
People in Nigeria are generating a ton of money from this industry, which is very lucrative. It is a fantastic business, especially for individuals who enjoy working with their hands and are creative.

Everyone is wearing jewelry of some kind or another.
Everyone wears jewelry occasionally, whether it be a wedding band, a necklace, a watch, or earrings.

Naturally, Nigeria has even contributed to its diversity and excitement by producing such a wide variety of jewelry.

No matter who you are, there must be a brand that you would love to wear because we have Ankara manufactured, wire works, beads, and so many other sorts.

Therefore, if you’re considering selling jewelry online in Nigeria, you may relax knowing that you’ve chosen wisely.


Note: Before you venture on what products to sell, make sure you check out the prices for each and which one interest you to go into so that you won’t have to run into a loss after purchasing. You can get these products from Aliexpress, konga, amazon, and 1688.com but you must arrange with your shipping company and compare prices


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