10 best ways to make money on social media

Do you think social media is only a place to share beautiful content? Consider again. With the development of social shopping, influencer marketing, and sponsored content, you can leverage your social media postings to make money.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to generating money on social media? You’ve arrived at the correct location. This post will lead you through 14 simple ways to earn money on social media. We’ve separated them by social media networks, such as Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, so you can instantly navigate to the one you’re on.

Let’s get started!

10 Best Ways to make money On Social Media

make money on social media

  1. Subscription

Instagram’s subscriptions feature makes it simple to generate recurring monthly money.

It’s simple: you provide material that is only available to your most engaged fans. Your exclusive material is highlighted with a distinct purple ring.

In return for a monthly charge, subscribers may read all of your unique material and receive a subscriber badge next to their name. You may choose your own pricing and quickly observe who subscribes (thanks to the badge).

  1. Provide a Service or Coaching

If you have a skill or aptitude that others will appreciate, social networking is a wonderful marketing tool. Copywriters, graphic designers, website developers, marketers, and other online service providers may easily attract clients by providing entertaining material that highlights their expertise and demonstrates how they can help others.

Life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, and other related avenues provide an excellent opportunity to earn money online and through social media.

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  1. Brand Partnership

When you have a strong presence on your social media platform, you may begin to collaborate with businesses. These businesses may provide you with free products in return for displaying their material, or they may pay you directly for the content you generate.

Many people feel that this sort of arrangement is just for big-name influencers, but the fact is that you can start using corporate collaborations with a tiny social media following.

Brands reward real artists that provide exceptional content and share their audience demographics and values. So, if that’s you, even if you’re a micro-influencer with only 1-5K followers, this is an alternative.

  1. Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is an excellent method to get passive money through social media. Bloggers have been using affiliate links to generate money from their website visitors for years, and social media developers can do the same. It’s never been easier to earn money with huge firms like Amazon having affiliate programs that allow you to construct shop fronts and links that can be added to your social profiles.

Find an affiliate program that offers things that you enjoy and that your audience will find useful, inspirational, or attractive, and then integrate those products into interesting content.

You can typically find an affiliate program for every area, from marketing gurus to SaaS – Plann, for example, offers an affiliate program that you can join!

  1. Sell Your Merch

When you have a strong presence and a dedicated following, creating a line of items is a terrific way to generate additional money. You may construct a Shopify store, Woo Commerce site, or anything similar and send people to it from your social media. You may also set up a shop on your social platform.

Only when someone places an order with a service like RedBubble can you generate products. On Amazon, similar print-on-demand services may be utilized to manufacture and sell books and custom notebooks.

  1. Join the Creator Fund

The TikTok creator fund is an excellent method to profit from TikTok. There are some requirements you must satisfy to qualify, much as with YouTube monetization, but it’s an efficient way to earn money for the material you generate.

The best part is that you don’t have to change anything to start making money – as long as your content is interesting and popular, you can generate money simply by generating more of it.

  1. Go Live and Get Gifts

You may immediately make money by going Live on TikTok and accessing Live Gifts. After you’ve set it up, your viewers will be able to give you virtual stickers while you’re broadcasting. These presents allow you to gather diamonds, which you can then exchange for cash.

It’s not difficult to get started:

  • Viewers purchase coins with actual money. They will pay $1 for 100 coins.
  • They may send you virtual presents with those coins.
  • You exchange your currency for diamonds – two coins equal one diamond.
  • gems can then be exchanged for money, with 200 gems required for every $1 redeemed.

To withdraw cash, you will also need a minimum of $100, which we can send directly to your PayPal account. The only catch is that TikTok will deduct half of your earnings.

  1. Sell Digital Products

Making digital things to sell is another approach to monetizing your expertise.

It can be an eBook, eCourse, or digital printables such as inspiring quotes or artwork for purchase, download, and framing. There are several methods for creating a digital duplicate of a physical or in-person product or service.

Website developers can construct template sites that can be resold. Graphic designers may build brand bundles that are both timeless and timeless. The sky is the limit if you use your creativity.

  1. Monetize your Youtube Channel with Ads

If you have a YouTube channel, monetizing it is a terrific method to make money. This is not a possibility for everyone; you must have over 1,000 subscribers, and 4,000 legitimate public view hours in the previous 12 months, live in a country that offers the YouTube partner program, and fulfill various additional requirements.

If approved, you’ll earn money from ads shown during your films. These work like TV commercial breaks: your content plays, pauses for an ad, and resumes.

  1. Fan Subscriptions

Appreciate YouTube’s Channel Memberships, Facebook introduced Fan Subscriptions (now just Subscriptions) in 2020 as a method for fans to directly support creators they appreciate. Furthermore, the site has promised to offer authors a bonus of $5 to $20 for each new subscription until the end of 2021. This is part of their commitment to spend more than $1 billion on their creators by 2023.

Of obviously, the best way to make money on social media is to remain consistent. Regardless of your chosen monetization, consistently deliver high-quality content on a specific topic, with regularity and excellence.



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